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Ja'Van Johnson's 4th Solo Album is available now!

Ja'Van Johnson's 4th Solo Album is available now!

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Verse From The Song "Preach!"

Lord Jesus let your name be lifted up in all the earth,
For you gave us salvation and reversed the wicked curse,
Brought into this world by sin it’s just the nature of men,
To reject holiness it’s a historical trend,
So I had to be cleansed from the evil things that were in my life,
The only way to get it is through repentance and faith in Christ,
Man’s righteousness’ ain’t good enough matter of fact it’s like filthy rags,
God is not impressed by the wicked who sit around and brag,
Almost everybody thinks they’ll go to Heaven when they die,
If they pray a prayer regardless of how they live their life,
Yet they reject obedience and won’t forsake the sin they love,
The Bible lets us know that they’re an enemy of God above,
It’s time to get saved folks and stop playing games,
Cus nothing on this earth is worth eternity in flames,
Study the Bible diligently get it in your heart,
So if you run into trouble faith in God will not depart.